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The Bidding Experience

At My Dealer Auction Corp. in New York City, we look forward to working with you every step of the way through the bidding process. We allow our customers to save thousands of dollars on vehicle purchases without having the expense of costly locations, licensing, bonding and insurance packages, along with registering at these insurance or auto auctions.

Our executive officers have the best contacts in the insurance salvage industry. Our insurance auction support agents work with team leaders to negotiate the best prices for you with insurance adjusters, salvage pools, and salvage auctions. We handle all the negotiating and the tedious bidding for you.

Insurance Auctions inc and My Dealer Auction corp do their very best to protect their customers. Our executive directors want their customers to have a smooth experience when acquiring vehicles online, which is why we establish long-term relationships with clients and treat them like family.

It has taken over 20 years to outline agreements with some of the largest insurance companies nationwide for data that was quite difficult to acquire. Now this data is made available to you in the comfort of your own home. My Dealer Auction Corp Insurance and its team members have one common goal, and that is to offer our customers the best and most convenient auction and bidding services possible.

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How to Buy

When purchasing our services, you should enter your absolute maximum bid. You are submitting a proxy bid. When we bid with the insurance company or at the live auction, we will try to buy the vehicle as cheaply as possible, and will only bid incrementally against other buyers up to your maximum amount. Sometimes, even though we are the highest bidder, insurance auctions and companies have a reserve price, which means they have the right to reject the bid even though you have the highest offer. They have the option of re-auctioning the vehicle, and we have the option of going up on the price with them.

Your total purchase price will consist of the actual sale price at the auction, as well as all applicable auction fees and MDA Auctions service fees. Please use our "Fee Calculator" to obtain a cost estimate. Your bid represents your total liability before any addition of fees. There is no warranty or guarantee that your final bid will be equal to the winning auction amount. We are often required to pay administrative fees, broker fees, bulk sales fees, and agent costs in order to obtain the best prices. We do, however, ensure that you will never pay more than your approved maximum bid before the addition of auction and GSA service fees.

Most insurance auctions have the preliminary bidding option available to their buyers. Our system will automatically poll them and update the current auction price on our site. However, during the live auction, the bidding usually goes much higher. Please don`t rely heavily on the current auction price and place your absolute maximum bid, because once the auction is over, we will not be able to increase your bid.

Bidding Tips

In order for your bid to be placed with the insurance auction or company, you must leave 10 percent of your highest bid. Your bid will not be placed if you do not have the 10 percent. You should bid on as many vehicles as you potentially want to buy. You do not need to leave a deposit on every vehicle, as long as our team knows you have a deposit, they will discuss which vehicle they think they can get for you. Email your insurance consultant 5 to 10 vehicles you want, and make sure you place bids on those vehicles as well.

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